Thursday, March 7, 2013


In an effort to improve education, I've decided to launch this blog along with a new consultation service. The devil is in the details, but I think that starting to work now will pay off later. This blog will act as a forum for new education news and "stuff" that's happening in the world of English Ed.

I envision book reviews, new strategies for teachers, quick tips for parents, etc. going here. Posts should occur about one per week or two.

So who am I?

I've taught 11th grade English for 5 years and I know the stress that comes with being a teacher. Every year we feel we have more and more put on our plates and less and less time to get everything done, but miraculously, a year goes by and we've done it all...somehow. I often have looked back over the year and thought, when did I get it all completed?

So this blog will serve as an outreach to teachers everywhere. Teachers who need encouragement, teachers who need to new ideas and inspiration and sometimes, just to stop in and realize that, no, they aren't crazy for being teachers. Many of us choose education because we believe in it and we need to work in a field that has deeper meaning than simply punching in and out. But this also means that our jobs are really difficult. We can't leave our work at the office. We cry over students and parents and sometimes at the injustice the world hands a kid who hasn't even had the chance to make their own way.

Periodically, there will be education news and politics on this forum. I invite you to comment or post about pressing issues that are occurring in your neck of the woods. Education isn't taught in a vacuum, after all, and there are many times when we feel that we are teaching in our own little worlds, when really we're teaching people who will go out into the world and influence it with their own existences. This is pretty exciting!

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